Fabrice | A Little European Je-ne-sais-quoi!

It's only been 8 months since Fabrice arrived in Montreal. He’s passionate about fashion and always looking for beautiful things, and we had the chance to discover the content creator during one of our events, where he was a guest.

He didn't know a single person there, but he quickly developed his network and - thanks to his beautiful smile and his easy-going demeanor -  was able to charm many people, including the members of our team!

"During my shopping spree, I was able to discover more about the brand's clothing. I totally fell for it. That's why I bought a suit that time... head to toe!

 It's interesting to understand Fabrice's point of view about Tristan. He has only recently discovered the banner and has noticed a familiarity with European fashion brands. In his opinion, Tristan adapts to new trends while still being a reference for classic clothing.

"My style is a mix of chic and casual. Loose-fitting pieces, for an XL effect, evening wear combined with more street-wear pieces - like the baggy jeans I chose for my look today. I buy clothes when I have a "coup de coeur", but I now prioritize quality, durable and timeless clothes. Clothes that will age well and that I will still love as much after a few seasons."

It’s great to see that new customers are discovering everything we have to offer, and recognizing our values!




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