Annie-Elizabeth and Victoria | From Mother to Daughter




A mother-daughter duo sharing the same wardrobe? Absolutely!

Annie-Elizabeth and her daughter Victoria have a lot in common. One of their shared passion is the law: as a renowned lawyer, Annie-Elizabeth has transmitted her love of the profession to her daughter, who is pursuing her legal studies while working for her mother’s firm.

From the moment they arrived at our studio, it was obvious that the two women shared a strong complicity and many interests. Among others: their love for Tristan.

"Look at this! This kit is perfect for you! Ummm, I think I like this one better!"

The fitting is going well!

For Annie-Elizabeth, this appreciation for the brand dates to her student days. While attending university, she worked part-time in one of our Tristan stores, located in Carrefour de l’Estrie. She proudly won the award for the best part-time salesperson at the company gala! Her love for Tristan has continued to grow and we still count her among our loyal customers. She even told us that she bought Tristan blazer as gifts for all her employees in 2019 – thus proving that you can take the girl out of Tristan, but not Tristan out of the girl!

A-E - "It makes me happy to say that I’m still wearing the clothes I bought when I was 20. Not only do they still look good, but they still fit me!"

Wearing the same size, mother and daughter share a lot of clothes. Victoria says that most of the clothes in her mother's closet are Tristan's, so it was inevitable that she, too, would be introduced to the brand!

V- "Recently, I discovered that there was also a more casual and youthful side to the brand that suited me better as a student. I wear my Tristan clothes both on weekends and at work.”

Like many of our customers, Annie-Elizabeth has a soft spot for our Sport Chic collection.

 A-E - "It's made in Canada, it's comfortable, the dog hair does not stick to the material. It's easily washable and above all, it's classic and it pairs with everything. A truly amazing collection!"

Timeless style for pieces that are renewed through time... we love it!