About Us

In the beginning

TRISTAN is the brainchild of Gilles Fortin and Denise Deslauriers. In 1973 they embarked on a great adventure: the creation of a fashion brand that has today become a true cornerstone of the Canadian fashion industry. The TRISTAN name is known for quality craftsmanship, elegant styling, refined fabrics and impeccable cuts. The innovative work & know-how of the Montréal-based team of designers fuel creations that provide value through quality materials, modern styles with classic features, and elevated fabrication standards. Today, the undercurrent & passion for the craft has been passed on to a new generation of family members who continue to uphold the vision, and fuel this lifestyle brand which breeds confidence, resilience, and class. The TRISTAN team is driven by a shared passion for creating unforgettable experiences; one stitch at a time, one customer at a time.

Social responsibility

At TRISTAN, we believe that all actions posed, even small ones, lead to significant change. We understand that the decisions we are making within our industry today can have an important impact on our planet and the people who call it home, and we are continuously challenging ourselves to minimize our ecological footprint through responsible practices. From eco-conscious fabrics and manufacturing methods to the overall brand mindset of creating quality clothing that lasts, we are systematically spearheading initiatives that are geared towards reducing our environmental impact. We recognize the importance of doing our part, and continuously seek out opportunities for improvement in our actions and decisions. We are continuously learning, improving, and challenging ourselves to evolve. One stitch at a time, one garment at a time - our teams are committed to being part of the change. Here are some of the approaches taken as we strive for sustainability at TRISTAN.

Clothing that lasts

We aren’t part of the fast fashion movement. Rather, TRISTAN believes in the longevity of its product life whereby quality, design, comfort and craftsmanship result in durable and refined garments. The underlying philosophy is that the longer you’re able to wear your clothes, the longer they stay out of the landfill. When you buy better, you buy less, and with this in mind we strive to create timeless styles that can be worn for years, even as trends shift. Fabrics are meticulously chosen and developed to support the durability mindset. For example, fabric choices like the use of Pima cotton is not only a luxuriously soft fabric, but it is also more durable (its fine and long fiber it is up to fifty percent more resistant than most of the standard varieties of cotton).

Eco-friendly processes

As our denim collection continues to evolve, we set to create a denim line where we put our environmental impact first. In addition to the denim collection, a significant assortment of our shorts & chinos has also transitioned towards manufacturing processes and technologies that leverage eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Today, our denim and select bottoms leverage a cleaner dyeing process, less chemical use, less water usage and recycled energy.Select tops and bottoms are made using Better Cotton. The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is the largest cotton sustainability program in the world. Better Cotton means producing cotton in a way that cares for the environment through processes that minimize the negative impact of fertilizers and pesticides, and care for water, soil health and natural habitats.

Local production

One of the biggest carbon footprints created by the fashion industry is associated with the transport of clothing around the globe. We’ve managed to lower our carbon footprint by manufacturing up to 30% of our entire production locally. We know the people that make our clothing and are up close and personal at all stages of production, ensuring the highest quality garments and fair working conditions. Look for garments identified as Made in Canada in-store or online.