Flore | Awakened fashion

As long as she can remember, Flore has always been passionate about fashion. She believes that clothes allow her to express herself freely and this is what she likes to represent. At 16, she launched her fashion and lifestyle blog: Flo & Confettis. Besides having studied fashion marketing, she also has a great presence on social media.


What is important to her is to share the most authentic and vulnerable version of herself with her audience to inspire people to do the same. 

"Everyone has their insecurities. It doesn't matter what size and weight you are, or what you are wearing. The most important lesson in the end is to always be yourself, to love and accept yourself as you are" 

Flore discovered Tristan when she was younger. When her mother was taking her to thrift shops, she would tell her how good Tristan's clothes are and how long they will last. Flore now understand and agree with her mother’s words!

"Tristan really has a strong cultural heritage. To me, it's a safe bet : Tristan clothing have a long lifetime and make me feel confident!"

Flore also mentions that the majority of her clothes are second-hand or locally produced. Having been sensitized at a young age, this practice is more than important to her.

The content creator has a bold, funky and trendy style which aligns perfectly with her personality.

We asked Flore what she particularly likes about the outfit she chose: 

''Literally everything! The floral mesh top reminds me of the '70s and adds a vibrant touch to my outfit. I love the extra wide leg of the jeans with its "baby blue" colour, which is very trendy right now. Finally, the quilted jacket adds a layering effect : the final touch to a perfect look!''
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