Jean-Philip and Marie-France | From Mother to Son

Jean-Philip and his mom are a lot alike. One of the things they have in common? Their love for Tristan! For very different reasons, they both have a special bond with the brand.

Marie-France discovered Tristan through her older sister, when she was still at school. She fell in love with our collections and pieces, and remains a loyal customer to this day. She still visits our stores as frequently as before!

"I would walk through your different branches in Montreal. I had sales associates who knew me well enough to prepare clothes I would love. I made some very nice connections with the in-store staff."

The brilliant career lawyer (recently promoted to judge!) has always loved playing the role of a stylist for her children. Jean-Philip has fond memories of this: not only did his mother make shopping for him easy, but she always managed to find clothes that lived up to his expectations. It was in this context that Marie-France introduced her son to her favorite brand. 

Jean-Philip also fell under the spell of our clothes. His mother had fallen in love with our Sport Chic collection and our jackets, but for him, it was the basics and jeans that became his must-haves. The man who had just begun his career in the hotel industry had no idea that his interest in Tristan would turn into a professional relationship. Being in charge of the uniforms for Germain Hôtels, Jean-Philip's goal was to develop and expand a partnership with a Canadian brand that would produce clothing of exceptional quality.

 "It was my mother who made me think of Tristan. Not only is it a Quebec company, but it's also a brand for which we've been loyal customers for many years. I didn't hesitate to contact Tristan's corporate department, and that was the start of a great adventure."

Jean-Philip has every reason to be proud of this partnership, which has grown even stronger over time. All employees of the Group's hotels (Le Germain, Alt and Escad) are now dressed by Tristan. After several years with Germain Hôtels, Jean-Philip was offered another career opportunity, and decided to move to Toronto. He’s currently the General Manager of the sumptuous The Anndore House Hotel, and his professional relationship with Tristan could have ended there, but... another partnership was born, when he decided to have us develop the new uniforms for his employees.

We had to share Marie-France and Jean-Philip's story, which we find most inspiring. A love of Tristan, passed down from mother to son, which then took a professional turn with large-scale partnerships. We hope to count them among our community for many years to come!

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